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The passionate sounds of empowerment within T’Melle’s voice commands determination to survive.

The Philly raised, Atlanta made R&B soul artist began her music career early in life. T’Melle first stepped on the scene as the standout member of a Philadelphia girl group. Under Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’s mentorship, T’melle’s journey took an unexpected turn when she was severely injured from the Honduras car collision that took Left Eye’s life in 2002. As a child, T'melle had to overcome physical disabilities, like learning to walk again, along with the mental barriers that came along with them. This experience, however, added fuel to the entertainer’s fire when it came to making her dreams come true and empowering ladies of all ages while making it happen.


T’Melle’s journey led her to Atlanta where she worked with some of the music world’s most elite talent including Usher Raymond, Brian-Michael Cox, Kevin Gates, and more - under InfraRed Entertainment and Crown World Management. T’Melle has also opened for several mainstream tours, notably hip hop trio from Atlanta, Migos.

In 2013, T’Melle released her debut mixtape Interview and gained over 3 million SoundCloud streams. T’Melle continued to write, perform, and release new music.


In 2020 she released her first EP Dedicated. It charted number #1 under R&B/ Soul on iTunes and #2 on Amazon Music. T’Melle has also premiered music on BETHer, BETJamz, and so many other platforms.

Currently, T’Melle’s artistic identity is all about fashion forward female empowerment. In October 2020 she launched her own workout apparel line, TPantha Athletics. T’Melle’s upcoming project Work 4 It, and it’s accompanying visuals fully support that movement. In 2021, she’s stepping things up to the highest level using her determination to survive as a driving force to motivate others to Work 4 it too.



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